Dear Fellow Team Members:  This is a place for us to post memories of our trip.  As you continue to process your time there how did it change you?  What did you learn about the people and yourself?  Feel free to post a memory on this page. 

November 2011 Trip Reflections

Joya DeGregorio, RN: Reflection from a “veteran”

Dr. Caroline Dodd:  Reflections on Dental Care Provided

Ana Daza-Jaller:  Coming back from Haiti

Dr. Joy Jordan:                                                                                                                                                                                            (Note: To read beyond the first part of the full article you will need to register with Medscape which is free.)

Rev. Yves Francois:  Note of gratitude

March 2011 Trip Reflections

Fr. Yves Francois: Letter of Gratitude

Juliet Geiger:  Juliet’s reflection

Tim Erskine:  Tim’s Reflection

Woody McGee:  Woody’s reflection



  1. Just back from 7th mission to Chantal. As always, it was a wonderful privilege to minister to our dear friends, many of whom we see each time we come to Chantal. Once again, we had an awesome team, many old friends, as well as newcomers. Sister Mona never ceases to amaze. She is a tireless “saint” who cares deeply for her patients and always sees that we are comfortable and able to carry out our mission successfully. One of the highlights this trip was seeing the land we purchased for the construction of our new clinic facility. It is a beautifully peaceful spot and hopefully, building will begin ASAP. It was also heartwarming to see all the new home building, road and bridge construction going on, as well as the scarcity of the tent cities, once so prevalent. There is progress! As always, I thank God for sending Father Yves into my life, to share his beautiful people and country with me. Je t’aime Ayiti!

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