This page is dedicated to the efforts of so many people who open their hearts to providing our team with medications and supplies to take to Haiti for our mission trips.  This page will be updated as team members submit their list of donors

November 2011 Donations:  November 2011 Mission Trip Donations

March 2011 Donations:  March 2011 Trip Donors



  1. April,2012 donations from:
    Brother’s Brother for doantions of pharmaceuticals worth over $60,000
    Temple Rodef Shalom religious school students for children’s Vitamins
    Kitty Richardson, RN
    Rotary Club of Centreville
    Chaminade university RotarAct Club

  2. St. Theresa of the Infant Jesus Church New Cumberland, PA CCD classes are donating children’s chewable vitamins which are being collected throughout March. Thank you students!! (Approximately 100 bottles.)

  3. Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown PA is donating packaged sterile gloves in all sizes.

  4. Dr. Fred Minium, DDS, 1509 Cedar Cliff Drive, Camp Hill PA is donating an autoclave to sterilize dental instruments. Thank you Dr. Minium for this incredible gift!

  5. Juliet Geiger (Team Member): Donating 288 tabs of Nuun rehydration salts and Dental Supplies.

  6. Tripta and the patrons of Virginia Commerce Bank for donations of children’s shoes.

    Third grade Sunday School students at Alders Gate United Methodist church, Alexandria, VA for their children’s vitamin drive!

    MFK makers of Plumpy Nut/ Medika Mamba for generous donations toour order of additional cartons of Medika Mamba nutritional supplement.

  7. Dr. Gil Irwin and IrwinMedical for exceptionally generous donations of medicines for January, 2013.

  8. Brother’s Brother Foundation for $40,000 of free pharmaceuticals for the January, 2013 mission..

    Rotary Club of Purcellville, VA , the Interact Club of Purcellville, the residents of Western Loudoun County, and Marjorie Diehl for over 20 cartons of dental and medical equipment, a colposcope , dental anesthetics, medications, and very generous donations toward the new Clinic Building Fund.

    Rotary Club of Donn Loring- Merrifield, Virginia for over the counter medicines and vitamins.

    Rotary Club of Culpeper, VA for over the counter medicines and vitamins.

  9. OBP Medical for again donating a generous supply of vaginal specula that have an integral light source in the handle. These are revolutionary for thedelivery of women’s health in Chantal!

    IrwinMedical for additional donations of Amoxicillin.

    Falls Church AAUW members for generous donations OTC meds and dental supplies.

    Rotary Club of Herndon and Rotary Club of Falls Church for generous dental supply donations.

    Rotary International Foundation and eight Clubs of Rotary District 7610 for a District Simplified Grant over $10,000 for purchase of durable medical equipment and dental operatory equipment for Chantal.

  10. Thank you to Dr. Charles Okorie, Virginia Gateway Urgent Care in Gainseville, VA for generously donating a new nebulizer and pediatric albuterol. The donation is in honor of his mother. Dr. Okorie spoke eloquently of the need to be able to treat childhood asthma and remarked that his home village in Nigeria does not have nebulizers.

    Thank you to Literacy Volunteers of Fauquier County, VA for the donation of three laptops loaded with Linux and education software programs as well as Open Source in French for the schools in Chantal.

  11. Thank you to the Rotary Foundation and Rotary District 7610 Rotary Clubs of Centreville – Chantilly, Dunn Loriing – Merrifield, Fairfax, Falls Church, Mount Vernon, Northern Neck, Purcellville, and West Point, for a magnificent grant of $16,000 to help construct a modern school bathroom and septic system to replace the open latrine at the Chantal school.

    Thank you to the Water and Sanitation Rotary Action Group and Pluripharma for the amazing donation of enough Community LifeStraw water filters to provide every one of the 7000 school children in Chantal with purified drinking water at school. Almost 100 of these amazing filter systems were donated and will be installed by Pluripharma.

  12. Thank you to the Literacy Volunteers of Loudoun County for donating 30 more laptops to establish computer labs at 2 of the schools in Chantal.

    Thank you to Gareth Kemp, an amazing Maryland 17 year old, for raising over $600 to purchase nutritional supplements and vitamins.

    Thank you to Medical Missionaries and Dr. Gil Irwin for generously sharing donations of prescription medicines.

    Thank you to Brother’s Brother Foundation, Pittsburgh for donating over $47,000 worth of prescription medicines. This wonderful foundation provides medicine for relief missions all over the world at no charge.

  13. MASIMO Corporation: Endless thanks for donating two Pronto hemoglobinometers and one Radical – 7 monitoring unit with adult and pediatric sensors. These generous donations will permit rapid, non-invasive, accurate diagnosis of anemia for over 1500 children and 3500 adults.

  14. Thank you on behalf of all the school children in Chantal and Canon to Denny Baughmann and the Literacy Volunteers of Warrenton for donating an additional 50 refurbished HP laptops loaded with Linux/Open Source in French! 7000 students in 12 schools will have computer labs in February, 2015!

    Thank you to an anonymous Amway distributor for donating a new stand-on scale for our pediatrics patients.

  15. Thank you to Laurie Osbahr and Alere Corporation for the donation of 200 Binax malaria rapidtest kits..

  16. Hi! My mother passed away yesterday. We have her nebulizer and unopened meds. Can you accept them as donation?

    • Dear Michelle, So sorry to learn of your loss. We also apologize for the late reply — we didn’t scroll to your question and somehow missed it. We are always able to accept any donations as long as they are not for expired medications or any narcotic medications. We hope that you will find healing for your loss.

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