Donation Process

Thank you for considering making a donation!  Donations can be in the form of money or medications/medical supplies.  If you opt to send money here is the process as outlined by Fr. Yves Francois from the We Care to Share Program which is a nonprofit organization.  This means your donation is tax deductible!

“Thanks for your effort to promote the medical mission. As for contributions, checks should be made to “Sacred Heart Church“, with the following phrase in the memo section:  “Mission to Haiti

Checks can be mailed to:

Rev. Yves Francois
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
901 SW 6th Street
Okeechobee, FL 34974

So what will the money be used for?  Currently there are three focus areas.

1.) Paying for the costs of the medical-dental mission trips that are being conducted twice per year.  These costs involve supporting the team (food, ground transportation, lodging) and the clinics run in both Chantal and Canon that require interpreters, medical supplies, and medications.

2) Keeping the Chantal clinic stocked with medications and medical supplies year round.

3) Building a permanent clinic in Chantal staffed year round by both Haitain healthcare workers and volunteer groups. (Approximate cost $400,000 for phase 1 – the first floor)

Regardless of what donation you make you can be secure in knowing it will go directly to those in need.  In the words of Fr. Yves Francois:    “On behalf of the Haitian people, thank you for all you are doing. May God bless you!”    

Need more information?  Contact Rev. Yves Francois at

What are some ways to secure donations?

Asking for help is never easy whether it is for yourself or others.  We all know that economic times are challenging BUT we also know that there are many generous people who WANT to help the less fortunate and especially donate to those causes that assure donations are going directly to the people who need it.  THAT IS US!  In my own experience I have been simply overwhelmed at generosity of churches, schools, scout groups, local businesses and hospitals by a simple request to give what they can.  Here are ways to ask:

  1. Ask your church to insert a news item about the trip in the church bulletin and even the diocesan newspaper that describes your trip and the need for donations of money, supplies and talent (physicians, dentists, pharmacists, and nurses especially!)
  2. Contact your church’s religious education director to run a vitamin drive for the religious education students.
  3. Contact girlscout and boyscout troups and volunteer to talk to them so they can earn a badge by participating in the donation process.
  4. Volunteer to do a presentation for church and civic groups in your community.
  5. Ask local hospitals if they have outdated but still usable equipment they can donate that they may be discarding.  Items include bp cuffs, otoscopes, opthalmoscopes, digital thermometers…  (Check out the mission needs tab for more ideas.)

Each team member can bring two suitcases on the trip with them weighing no more than 50lbs. (The airlines charge $40.00 for one suitcase, the first suitcase is free.)

Lastly, remember you are asking for others, not yourself.  For those of us who are Catholic, we are currently in the season of Lent.  A time to look inward at our own spirituality but also a time to look outward to see how we can spread God’s love to others by serving as his instruments.  What a wonderful Lenten experience it is to be preparing for this trip.  As we embark on this journey let’s pray for the development of this Spring’s team and the opening of hearts to all those around us as we prepare to serve the least fortunate.  Peace! – Juliet


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