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Dear Friends:   Welcome to this blog which is serving as an information center for those interested in supporting the health of the people of Chantal, Haiti through volunteering to be part of a medical mission team or through financial support of the We Care to Share Program.  We Care to Share is a nonprofit organization sponsored by the Knights of Columbus and Sacred Heart Church, in the Diocese of Palm Beach Florida.

The next mission trip will be conducted from Sunday, January 25th to Saturday, January 31, 2015.

Requirements for acceptance into the team include the following:

  1. Paying all tranportation costs associated with flights to/from Port Au Prince (PAP) and from PAP to Les Cayes if that option is taken.
  2. A $600 minimum donation to cover the costs of all ground transportation, all meals, lodging, payment of interpreters and provision of medications and supplies for clinic days.  This donation will be due prior to the start of the trip and is tax deductible.  Checks must be made out to “Sacred Heart Church” with notation “Mission to Haiti” in the memo field.  See the Donation tab for address information.  (This sum of money can be raised through donations you acquire from others. Each person who donates will receive a letter verifying the tax-deductible donation.)  Additional fund-raising efforts are also highly encouraged to optimize the support we can provide in terms of medications and feeding the waiting patients.
  3. A completed trip application submitted to Dr. Sarah John at sarahjohn2857@gmail.com .  (Please go to Team Preparations tab for application.)
  4. Any costs associated with personal trip preparations (immunizations, passports, personal belongings…)

Have any questions?  Please feel free to email Dr. Sarah John, the mission team leader at sarahjohn2857@gmail.com or Rev. Yves Francois at yfrancois@yahoo.com    Thank you for your willingness to serve in whatever way you can!

Goals of We Care to Share:

  1. Raise money to build a modern facility to provide the most basic healthcare year round.  $495,000.00 is needed to make this a reality during the first phase of development – a small amount by U.S. standards but a huge investment in providing healthcare here.  Once the new clinic is built the Haitian government is willing to staff it with two full-time Haitian physicians who have received their education for free by the government and in exchange must provide services for two years. Go to the Building Campaign page to learn more!
  2. Continue to provide money, medications, and supplies to keep the clinic fully stocked year round.
  3. Provide education to the children and adults about PREVENTION of disease.  Many of the conditions we witnessed were preventable if only the people understood basic hygiene, dental care, and what bodily aches and pains required professional treatment vs. at home remedies.  ($100.00 can pay for one year’s tuition for a child.)
  4. Continue to send teams of healthcare providers to provide hands on care to support the nurses there and eventually the two physicians.

About Our Mission Trips:  The trips are coordinated through We Care to Share, a project run by several priests at the Diocese of Palm Beach, one of whom has ties to Chantal and to the church which serves as a host for housing and clinic space. This non-profit organization is supported through the Knights of Columbus and Sacred Heart Church in Florida.  The volunteers are an ad hoc group gathered through word of mouth and trips are coordinated through the church in Palm Beach with the church in Chantal and the bishops in Port Au Prince and Les Cayes. Although this is sponsored by the Catholic church there is no proselytizing and volunteers are welcome regardless of religious affiliation.

Here is the address where we stay:

Les Soeurs Missionaires de l’Immaculee Conception 50 Rue Dumarsais Estime Chantal, Cayes Haiti WI

Where is Chantal and why do we go there?  Chantal is approx 250 miles southwest of Port Au Prince, a very rural community which has subsistence farming and rice agriculture. Click here to see a map: Haiti Map.  It is normally a small community of approx 1500 people but now has almost doubled with refugees from Port Au Prince because of the quake.  The surrounding mountain villages and seaside villages result in additionally many hundreds of more folks coming to the clinic, often walking 4 -5 hours to be seen.  There is no doctor or dentist or pharmacy within hours of Chantal by vehicle. Two nursing sisters at the local Church run a small dispensary and are providing us with a site.  Currently there are more than 2 million Haitians that are displaced since the earthquake and the recent hurricane. Many are relocating to more rural areas. The government there is asking NGO’s to focus on these areas because they remain underserved.

Many of you may be asking how you can help in some small way to promote the work of this mission trip.  Here are some ideas:

1 – Volunteer.  This effort is no small task.  We Care to Share is in need of physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and translators to help in the effort.  Interested?  Contact Sarah John, MD, FACEP at sarahjohn2857@gmail.com or Rev. Yves Francois at yfrancois@yahoo.com .

2.  Donate.  Donate your time, your expertise, and your money.  See the “donations” tab of this blog for details on the donation process.

3. Pray. Prayer is needed for all the healthcare workers giving of themselves in large or small ways as they serve the poorest of the poor in this country still reeling from the effects of an earthquake almost 2 years ago.  It also means praying for those receiving the services. Lastly prayer is needed to open hearts to provide donations either monetarily or through their talents on our mission trips.



  1. My Dad is from chantal, working together with the Team would be a great gilf given to my people there. English translation and nursing care.

  2. We are getting ready to make our 12th mission trip to Chantal. It is a wonderful experience to be able to spend precious time with and help these beautiful people. We have come to love them, love Haiti and are so blest to be able to do this. Our team and our patients, many of whom we see each time we go to Chantal, have become like family.

  3. I need to reserve a bed because I have two hip replacements and a trach. If you could accommodate me with this I would be grateful to you. I am coming with Dr. Joy Jordan. We arrive on Jan. 20 th tru Jan. 29th of 2017. Thank you. Susan Holden of Cleveland Ohio.

  4. January 21 – 28, 2018 are the dates for the next medical mission trip. Please fill out the team application on the team preparations tab and join us! The current trip fee of $650 covers all ground costs. Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists , and nurses, please join us! We have a few spots for non-professional volunteers too!

  5. The 2019 Medical MIssion trip to Chantal will be January 20 – 27, 2019. Please join us!! Contact Sarah JOhn ( sarahjohn2857@gmail.com) or Rev. Yves Francois(YFrancois@Yahoo.com) for further information or questions. Team application can be found on the team preparations tab above.

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