Posted by: jaltenburg | April 25, 2015

Help Needed for School Children in Chantal

Dear Friends of Chantal:
I just got back from Chantal, unfortunately for a family tragedy. I was there for 7 days. It is now the rainy season and the situation is not good for the people there, especially for the kids at the School run by the nuns. Those that were at the last medical mission could see that there were two (2) classes that meet in the school yard. It is because there are not enough classrooms. On a beautiful day, it is great to be outside. However, during the rainy season it is a nightmare. They have to be sent to different classrooms or home. We are trying to see how we can help build two new classrooms in the school. Please help! An education is the only opportunity to get out of extreme poverty. Please, help us help the nuns give some of the kids in Chantal that opportunity. Here is how you can help:
1- A bag of concrete gray cement costs $11. We need 1350 bags for the project. You can buy one or 10 or 20 or 100  or more bags of cement .
2- A concrete black costs $1,25. We need 5000 concrete blocks for the project. You can buy 10 or 20 or 100 or more concrete blocks.
3- A tone of rebar (Iron rebars) cost $900. We need 21 tones of rebars for the project. You can buy 1/4 tone, half a tone, 1 tone or more of rebars.
4- a truck of gravel costs $125. we need 40 trucks of gravel. You can help buy half a truck or a truck or more of gravel.
5- Each window costs $550. we need 6 windows. Maybe you help pay for a window or more or contribute toward the purchase of a window.
6- Each door costs $250. We need 2 doors
7- Electrical work is estimated at a cost of $6200. Maybe you contribute toward that or pay for it.
8- A square meter of tiles cost $20. We need 200 square meters of floor tiles. You can help buy a square meter or more floor tiles.
9- Labor:
    a) Concrete labor including posing of concrete block, footing, stuccoing: $13,000.
    b) Roofing labor. Roof will be poured concrete roof so that we can add two more classrooms on the second floor later. Roof framing: $3500. Rebar setting for the roof: $2000. Roof setting including concrete mixing, pouring: $2700.
There you have it, friends. The kids need you in Chantal. We can make it happen for them. We can give them a better tomorrow. We can prepare the future nurses, doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, teachers, accounts, etc… for Chantal. I know economically it is tight for everyone. But no contribution is too small. If you are able to help, please make check to:
Sacred Heart Church with mention in the note section: school in Haiti. and send it to me at:
Rev. Yves Francois
901 SW. 6th Street
Okeechobee, FL 34974
Your contribution is tax deductible.  Our next medical mission is scheduled for January 24 to January 30, 2016. We will be able to visit the kids in their new classrooms when we get to Chantal, for those that are going. May God bless your generosity!
Rev. Yves Francois


  1. Hello Father Yves. Sorry you have had to go back to Haiti for family tragedy. When do you think you will be taking a group back? I will try to get some funds together to help with the school. Love…..Terea

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